Nisarg Shah

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#Actively looking for Full-time job opening#

I have started pursuing Masters of Mechanical Engineering program to satisfy my hunger to gain knowledge in technical field as deeper as I can. Additionally getting an internship in industry would make me a better engineer by having an opportunity to implement theories I know.

Before two years, I joined Super Construction Co. with an ambition to learn project management as a project intern. With no doubt, Super Construction is one of the best place to start working. Their culture is too inspirational. During those days, I realised a new aspect to see technical field of mechanical engineer. Though I was an project intern, they allowed me to have a look at the structural designs and thermal management systems. That inspired me to pursue the master's degree.

Skill Set : #structure, #Heat Exchanger, #Radiation Heat transfer, #Mathematical modeling of System,#Ansys & Cre-O(Not an expert but, familiar),#vibration