Sameer Mohammad

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As a Mechanical Engineer, I improve complex manufacturing processes by ensuring production quality control. I do this by understanding quality requirements, performing root cause analysis, and presenting accurate reliability predictions.

This approach is especially useful when working on challenging engineering design optimization projects. At Rockwell Collins, for instance, I conducted field failure analysis to determine product reliability and safety. As a result of my efforts, I reduced shaft failure rate by 20% while eliminating the less reliable components.

I do not only limit myself to industrial process improvement; rather, I also invest in providing safe field conditions for my teams. For this purpose, I along with Safety team organized the ‘Safety 201’ training for 30 members across different departments at Rockwell Collins Electro-Mechanical Systems.

Some of my career accomplishments include:
-Improved component reliability by 28 % by recommending an alternate reliability determination method
-Identified cost benefits for future engineering programs
-Streamlined production by compiling an on-site ‘reliability issue’ list
-Ensured superior component quality and performance by performing regular maintenance checks
-Developed a new composite combination with improved tensile strength and sensing capability
-Analysed competitor vehicle designs for quality performance, features, and reliability

If you want to work with someone who leads continuous engineering process improvement, ensures quality function deployment, and performs equipment testing and troubleshooting, email me at:

Software & Tools: Six Sigma Methodology, MATLAB, SolidWorks, BOM, QFD Analysis. AutoCAD, ANSYS Icepack, MATLAB, Wolfram, Fusion360, Hypermesh, Pro E, Windchill, CAFTA, SVN,