Jai Shah

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Thanks for visiting my page! :)

I am open for opportunities in the field of Artificial Intelligence. I love to solve Artificial Intelligence. I have one year of academic experience in Machine Learning and Computer Vision. In my academia, I have worked with almost all kinds of data i.e. Numerical data, Categorical data, Images, Videos, etc. Currently, I am building my start-up website with MEAN stack.

I am a huge fan of open-source communities, especially stack-overflow. I have solved most of my coding problems because of stack-overflow. To return the favor back to the opensource community I try to answer questions on stack-overflow. As a coder, I always look to improve my code clarity and code readability. I focus on writing modular and efficient code. I am an expert in debugging. I am also an expert in Python programming.

Check out my GitHub:
Specialties: Machine Learning / Computer Vision / Deep Learning / Tensorflow, Python, Java, Unix/Linux.
Technologies: Python (Expert), JAVA (Expert), C++ (Intermediate), MATLAB (Intermediate), Android, CUDA Programming, SQL, MongoDB, SK-Learn, Pandas, NumPy, Keras, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Git, GitHub, Tableau, Matplotlib, AWS, Google Cloud, C-Make, Docker, Excel
Data & Modeling: Data Analysis/Wrangling, Statistical Inference, Regression Modeling, Machine Learning, Deep Learning (CNN, RNN), Data Visualization, Clustering, PCA, Computer Vision

Contact: 6822569200