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🚀 Innovative Machine Learning Engineer & Software Developer 🚀

Passionate about leveraging cutting-edge technologies to drive impactful solutions in both machine learning and software development domains. With a Master's in Computer Science specializing in Intelligent Systems and Big Data from the University of Texas, Arlington, complemented by a Bachelor's in Computer Science from Gujarat Technological University, I bring a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience to the table.

🔍 Experience Highlights:

💻 Software Development:
As a Software Developer and Research Assistant at NewGen Tech Lab, I led the development of IoT-based software solutions to monitor and control energy consumption. Leveraging technologies like Angular, ReactJS, and Node.js, I enhanced user satisfaction and facilitated agile methodologies adoption, resulting in tangible improvements in productivity and performance.

🧠 Machine Learning:
At SoftmaxAI, I spearheaded the development of innovative machine learning applications, from a kids learning platform mobile application to image recognition systems for retail. Through meticulous development and integration of machine learning algorithms with Django and Flask frameworks, I achieved remarkable accuracy improvements and streamlined business processes.

🔬 Research & Innovation:
In my role as a Research Apprentice at COSMOS, UTA, I engaged in cutting-edge CRISPR CAS protein data generation, employing advanced deep learning techniques to enhance generative accuracy and model efficiency. These endeavors resulted in significant reductions in prediction errors and marked improvements in model precision.

🚀 Projects & Contributions:
From constructing classification algorithms for text analysis to developing innovative image processing solutions, I constantly strive to innovate and create value in both the software and machine learning domains.

🛠 Skills & Expertise:
Proficient in programming languages such as Python, C++, and JavaScript, coupled with expertise in frameworks like Django, Flask, and TensorFlow. Skilled in Kubernetes, Docker, Git, and AWS among others.

🌟 Let's Connect!
Passionate about collaborating on exciting projects and exploring new opportunities in the realms of machine learning and software development. Feel free to reach out and let's create something amazing together!