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As a motivated expert in technology management, Ayo is pioneering structures of composite for efficient pollutant recovery, optimizing addictive manufacturing, enhancing production processes, and achieving innovative manufacturing solutions. His expertise lies in manufacturing, production, quality assurance, and 3D printing. Ayo’s thesis aims to contribute to environmental remediation efforts by advancing knowledge in 3D printing of functional materials and ensuring accessibility for large-scale pollution control initiatives. I have hands-on experience in the engineering and maintenance of airframes and powerplants in the aviation industry, In research, I have experience in 3D metal printing and series of 3d printing, electric metal casting, CNC machining, and G-code.

Ayo regularly looks for opportunities to enhance STEM education and workforce development when he isn't working on Manufacturing research. He has a strong commitment to inclusion and diversity in technological disciplines. As an active member of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), Ayo promotes mentoring and community involvement.